Friday, February 6, 2009

Shannon Steffler

Shannon Steffler is a stay-at-home momma to three lively little girls. She has had an interest in pregnancy and birth since she was a teenager and feels passionate about this sacred subject. She loves to read, mostly non-fiction, to expand her knowledge and she writes occasionally as well. She also loves to spend time with family and friends. Shannon has had a variety of beautiful birth experiences including a premature, medicated delivery, a natural childbirth in the hospital, and a beautiful water birth at home. She has learned so much through these birth experiences and with being a part of BirthNetwork and looks forward to helping women find the best options for them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jennifer Owen

Jennifer Owen is a homeschooling mom of four girls. She plays the cello in the local symphony and has many cello students. She loves to sew and quilt. She is a childbirth advocate and her birthing experiences have led her to the wonderful, mother-friendly care of certified nurse midwives. She milks goats with a friend in the mornings....whereas other people have running buddies. Other than drinking goats milk, she also uses it to make soap. Out of everything she does, she considers homeschooling the most fun and rewarding. She has awesome kids that love to learn.

Jennifer has some mad skills when it comes to pamphlets, programs, and fliers and is a true blessing to our group.

Valerie Hall

Valerie Hall is the mother of six children, born in hospitals without medication. Now that they are grown, she has time to pursue her dedication for normal birth choices. She and her husband are certified Bradley Method teachers and Valerie has worked as a doula. She is currently studying with the Midwives College of Utah and doing an internship with a local CPM. She and her husband have been quite involved with the effort to provide licensing for CPMs in Idaho.

We are forever grateful to Valerie for bringing us together in a quest to begin to change our corner of the world.